12 Tips To Make Your Relationship Long Last Forever


12 Tips To Make Your Relationship Long Last Forever:  How to have happy and long lasting relationships, whether with romantic partners or family and friends.

12 Tips To Make Your Relationship Long Last Forever

12 Tips To Make Your Relationship Long Last Forever
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Most people would have no idea what that previous sentence means. But fortunately our incredibly intelligent her Beauty readers understand everything. Including what it takes to make a relationship last for the rest of your life.

Want to make sure your relationship lasts forever? Then Check out these 12 sweet love tips from elderly couples.

1: Use Tell Culture

Tell Culture is a communication strategy where you are open and honest with close people in your life about your feelings and thoughts, about what’s going on with you. Lowering your private barrier and being vulnerable and authentic. Tell them information about yourself that you think they would want to know.

For example, if you want a hug, you should tell the other person that you would enjoy a hug. However, for Tell Culture to work. It’s really important for you not to expect that the other person will hug you. You are responsible for telling them about your needs and desires. They are then free to act as they choose based on their own needs and desires.

2: Make Time for Romance

Though (date night) may sound forced, you and your special someone should aim to have a date night at least once a week, if not more often. You don’t have to call it (date night) if that sounds too cheesy, but you should make a goal to spend some quality time together without anyone else around at least one night a week.

You can do this same thing during date night, such as cooking dinner together and then going to the movies, or spice it up and do something new every time. If you’re staying in, maintain a romantic atmosphere by lighting some candles and playing some soft music.
Whatever you do.

Make sure you have time to really talk during your special time together. You won’t be able to talk much if you’re just going to a loud concert together.
Learn to say no to others during (date night). Your girlfriends may be begging you to come out to the bars, but if you’ve scheduled a date night, tell them you can’t make it and make plans for next week.

Things will break down if (date night) is the thing you’re always willing to give up.
You should always look nice, tell each other how much you love each other, and compliment each other throughout the night.

3: Make Love at Least once a Week

You don’t have to plug this into your calendar, and hopefully you won’t have to, but you should make a conscious effort to make love at least one a week, no matter how tired you feel after work. How much you have going on that week.

Making love is a way to maintain your intimacy and to grow closer to your partner.
You should also spend some time just cuddling and kissing each other, so you don’t feel like you’re just checking (sex) off of your to do list.

4: Make Time to Talk

Though your schedules may get crazy, you need to make a concerted effort to talk to each other every day, no matter how much work you have to do. You can set aside time to talk during dinner, or to talk over the phone if your loved one is away.

Make a habit of knowing what your loved one’s day was like. Though you don’t have to bore each other with every little detail of your lives. You should become comfortable with each other’s routines.

If you’re spending a week apart, set aside at least fifteen minutes a day to catch up and to remind your loved one how much you love and miss him. When you do talk, there should be no distractions. You’re not really talking if you’re also watching the game or checking your phones.

5: Be Honest with each other

Honesty is the key to any long-lasting relationship. To keep your relationship strong, you should be able to be open and honest with your special someone. You should be able to share your most intimate thoughts and feelings with your loved one. You’re not really communicating.

Don’t be afraid to tell your loved one if he disappointed you. Being honest about your feelings will help you work through the problem, and is far better than being passive aggressive if you’re upset about something.

Share your feelings with your loved one. If you’re really upset about something that happened at work or something your mother said, then don’t keep it all inside.
Know when not to say something. Though honesty is almost always the best policy, you don’t have to share every little feeling with your loved one. For example, if you don’t like his new shirt or think one of his new friends is kind of annoying.

You may want to keep it to yourself. Time your honesty. If you want to open up about something important, make sure you do it when your loved one has time to talk and is relatively unstressed. Your news will be better received if he has time to listen.

6: Learn to Compromise

In any strong relationship, being happy should be more important than being right. If you want your relationship to last. Then you should learn how to make decisions with your loved one, and to find a way for both of you to be happy with the decisions, or to take turns giving in to each other.

Here’s how to do it

When you’re making a decision, have your loved one rate how important it is to him on a scale of 1 to 10, and then state how important it is to you. Then talk about why it’s so important to both of you, and what you can do to make it matter less.

Be Thoughtful

When the two of you are making a decision, take the time to discuss the pros and cons and what you can do to meet halfway. Take turns giving in on small decisions. If you picked the restaurant for date night, let your girl pick the movie.

Make sure both people are compromising. It’s not a compromise if your girl is always giving in to what you want in the end because you’re more persistent.

7: Learn to Say You’re Sorry

This is an important point. If you want to be in a long-lasting relationship, then you absolutely have to learn how to say you’re sorry from time to time. When it comes to a relationship, admitting you’re sorry is much more important than being stubborn.

Learn to apologize if you’ve done something wrong. It may take you some time to realize that you made a mistake, but once you do, say that you’re sorry for what you’ve done.
Make sure you mean it. Be sincere and make eye contact.

It won’t mean anything if you’re just saying you’re sorry because you have to. Learn to accept your loved one’s apology. If he truly means it, then you should stop sticking to your guns, accept the apology, and move on.

8: Tell Your Loved one How Much he Means to You

Don’t ever forget to say “I love you” and take your feelings for granted. You should tell your loved one that you love him every single day—multiple times a day, if you can. Remember that there’s a difference between “love you” and “I love you”—you should really mean it when you say it.

Always compliment your loved one. Tell her how great she looks in her new dress or how much you love her smile. Always thank your loved one. Don’t take his/her favors and kind actions for granted. Always tell your loved one how special he/she is. Don’t ever forget to make him feel unique.

9: Find New Interests to Pursue Together

A relationship is like a shark—if it doesn’t move forward, it dies. You should find ways of keeping your relationship fresh so your love doesn’t become just a part of your routine. One way of doing this is to find new interests that you can pursue together.

so you have something to be excited about as well as a shared passion. Take a weekly dance class together. This will give you some great exercise and will increase your passion for each other.

Find a new hobby together. Try taking a painting or ceramics class, or find a new love for sailing. Take a class together. Try learning a new language or taking a history class together.

Train for a race together. This is a great way to get closer, whether you’re training for a 5K or a marathon. Do anything out of your comfort zones. Try hiking, mountain biking, or even ice skating. Doing something completely unfamiliar will bring you closer together.

10: Keep It Fresh in The Bedroom

If you want to maintain a healthy relationship, then you have to maintain a healthy sex life. Though your lovemaking may not be what it was in the beginning after five years together. You should still try new things in the bedroom so you’re still excited about making love with your partner and that everything you do still feels like an adventure.

Make love in new positions. Don’t do the same old thing you’ve been doing, even if it works. You can even look up new positions together, which will be great for foreplay.
Make love in new places.

Don’t always go for the bedroom—try the couch, the kitchen table, or even check in to a hotel in the middle of the day. Try going to a sex store to pick up some kinky items to bring into bed.

11: Take Trip to a New Place Together

Though a vacation isn’t a good long-term solution to any relationship problems, taking a trip together can help take you out of your same old perspective and appreciate your love in a new way.

Plus, planning a trip together will give you something new to look forward to. Plan the trip you’ve always wanted to take. If you’ve both been talking about going to Paris together for the last seven years and you have the funds for it. It’s time to make your dreams a reality.

Take a short day trip. Even driving an hour out to spend a day in the woods or the beach can make your relationship feel fresher. Take a second honeymoon. If you’re already married and had a honeymoon. Take another honeymoon to commemorate your love.

12: Love Your Partner Even When You’re In a Bad Mood

If you’re having a bad day, never take it out on your partner. Find a way to deal with your frustrations before you see him or her again. Or better yet, use their emotional support to help you overcome whatever happened that caused the bad mood.

It is also important to note that if your partner is the one who caused the bad mood, do not give them the cold shoulder or swat away their hand when they are reaching for yours. In lifelong relationships, the love is there no matter what.


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