Aamir Khan Reveals He Doesn’t Charge For Films

Aamir Khan Reveals He Doesn't Charge For Films
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Aamir Khan Reveals He Doesn’t Charge For Films

Aamir Khan, arguably one of Bollywood’s greatest actors, has revealed that he stopped charging fee for acting in films a long time back.

The actor instead invests in the films he stars in.

“Actually, I don’t charge a fee. It has been years since I have stopped charging a fee. If my film earns less, I earn less and if my film makes more money, I make more money,” the Dangal actor said at an annual media interaction held on his 53rd birthday. He was responding to a question whether actors should consider “fee cutting”.

Since Aamir’s films have been doing well in the international market, he explained why Dangal and Secret Superstar earned more revenue in China as compared to India.

“I think India has as big a potential as China. I just feel that China has done major investment in the entertainment industry and its administration is also supportive,” he said.

“They have built up a lot of screens, and that is why the business has gone up. I think if we build many more theatres here in India, which is such a large country with a huge population, we will get the same kind of growth in the entertainment and film industry. So it is just the matter of building the infrastructure in India,” the actor added.

Responding a question regarding competition with Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, Aamir said, ”I don’t think I am competitive at all with them and I don’t think they are either. We all are doing our own stuff. If I am competing with anybody, then it is with myself. I challenge myself to do better work. I feel happy when I see other people’s good work,” he said.

The actor who made his Instagram debut on his birthday further said, “I am here because of my mother. So I have put her image on Instagram first. I felt I should put her image as whatever I am today is because of her. Kiran is using Instagram and she has enjoyed the process so I thought I will try it too.”

Aamir is currently shooting for Thugs of Hindostan in Jodhpur alongside Amitabh Bachchan.


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