Ali Hamza, Zohaib Kazi To Produce Coke Studio Season 11


Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi. Image: Coke Studio

Ali Hamza, Zohaib Kazi To Produce Coke Studio Season 11

Earlier last year, there were rumours that popular Pakistani rock band Noori would be producing the next season of Coke Studio. Much to fans’ dismay, however, these were quickly shut down and speculation as to who will take the reins after current producers – Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood of Strings – bid farewell to the show became rife in the media.

But now, ironically enough, it has been confirmed that Ali Hamza – one half of Noori – will be taking on the big task. Alongside Hamza, veteran musician Zohaib Kazi will produce the music for Coke Studio Season 11, confirmed Coke Studio in a Facebook post.

“Zohaib and Ali are both Coke Studio veterans, who have played an instrumental role in its success over the years. We cannot wait to share their brilliance with all of you, as we embark on a most exciting new chapter of the Coke Studio Pakistan journey,” it added.

Singer and guitarist Ali Hamza who is a band member of Noori made waves with Thinak Dhin in the music show’s last season. Hamza sang one of the most popular songs of Coke Studio along with Ali Sethi and Waqar Ehsin.

Kazi, who is also a singer, launched in 2017 a project Fanoos in collaboration with Pakistan’s top audio streaming platform, Patari.

Kazi and Hamza are replacing Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia of Strings.

Strings took on the role as producers for Coke Studio after the original production team led by former Vital Signs member Rohail Hyatt left the show in 2013.

A source revealed to The Express Tribune, “Hamza will be producing the Coke Studio now. Ali Noor is busy with some of his own projects and will not be able to give time to Coke Studio but Hamza will be taking care of business.”

So, needless to say that the rumours were just rumours after all. Last year, fans of the musical platform took to Twitter, asking Noori to take over after Strings confirmed their exit from the show. There was ample excitement at the possibility and word spread quickly. In 2016, a source close to Coke Studio even suggested that it will be Noori that takes over from Strings.

Strings produced the next four consecutive seasons of the show. Last year in October, while announcing that Coke Studio 10 was the last season to be produced by them, the duo promised to return with more masterpieces.

But when asked about this, Noori’s manager denied the rumours. “The rumours are false. Noor and Hamza are not involved in producing Coke Studio 11 as of yet,” he had said back then. The two artists, however, were not available to comment.

Shortly after the completion season 10, Strings broke the news that they would be bidding farewell to Coke Studio and how it has enriched them in ways unimaginable.

“Coke Studio Season 10 will be the last season produced by Strings. It has been a fantastic journey for us over the course of four seasons and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and share our work with all of you,” read a statement by the Dhaani hitmakers. “2018 will mark 30 years of Strings and we are super excited to celebrate with all of you. So stay tuned for more updates as we embark on yet another exciting chapter in our musical journey!”

Strings themselves took the reins from Coke Studio veteran Rohail Hyatt. They made their big debut with the seventh season back in 2014 and produced the next four consecutive seasons. The pop-rock duo now promise to return with more masterpieces as they embark on yet another exciting chapter in their musical journey.

Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi. Image: Coke Studio


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