Anushka Sharma for harshest punishment possible for child rapists


Anushka Sharma for harshest punishment possible for child rapists: Hi, Everyone Today I am going to share some Amazing Realities on the Anushka Sharma for harshest punishment possible for child rapists.

Anushka Sharma for harshest punishment possible for child rapists

Anushka Sharma for harshest punishment possible for child rapists
Photo: Instagram Anushka Sharma

Speaking at an event, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma said she fully supported that severe punishment should be awarded to the perpetrators who assault children, while expressing support for the ordinance passed by the Indian government proposing tougher punishment for rapists.

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma says she fully supports severe punishment for those who assault children.

The actress severely condemned the Kathua and Unnao rape cases which have taken the world by storm with several Bollywood celebrities taking to social media to condemn the attacks since details emerged.

The Indian government reacted to the growing number of cases concerning sexual harassment amidst national outrage a few days ago.

According to the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance 2018, the proposed punishments, for raping girls under the age of 12 years, ranges from a minimum of 20 years to life term or death.

“Like everyone in the country, I’m deeply hurt by the incident (Kathua). Even now when I think about it, I feel disgusted and extremely emotional. Most severe punishment has to be vetted out to the people involved,” the actress said.

“I will be completely, 1000 per cent in support of the most severe punishment that there is (to be given to the one) who spoils something as innocent as a child. It’s the worst thing to do as a human being,” she added.

Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah, who was also present at the event said that while he is happy that these cases are being reported and talked about, what is actually needed is introspection by people to correct their mindset.

“I don’t think these are new things. Such horrors have always been happening, it’s just that they are being reported more now which is a good thing,” the actor said.

“It’s a good thing that the media is alert towards all of this happening now, it is very depressing for me every morning because every time you open the newspaper, something or the other horrifies you. But it’s important these things are talked about.

Where the solution lies I don’t know. You’re talking about a complete change in mindset, a complete reversal of attitude that men have had towards women, you’re talking about generational change and that can’t happen. All we can do is try to set the example in our personal life. We can’t go around policing every guy, can’t be teaching martial arts to every girl, it has to begin with each one of us,” the actor added.


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