Apple to rebuild Maps app


Apple to rebuild Maps app that is a powerful mapping application from the ground up with its own dataset. But Amsterdam-based TomTom NV will continue to be a data provider for Apple’s maps app, Cupertino, California-based Apple told Reuters.

Apple to rebuild Maps app

Apple to rebuild Maps app
The Apple Inc. Photo: Reuters

Apple did not say how its use of TomTom would compare to its previous use, but TomTom shares fell after the news.

It is said that the Apple is completely rebuilding its Maps app. The most frequently used app on its iPhones. With data gathered by its own fleet of sensor-equipped vans and with anonymous data from iPhone users that choose to share it.

Apple said it will start the rollout this fall with new maps of Northern California.

Technology publication TechCrunch reported Apple’s mapping effort earlier on Friday. After the release of the story, TomTom shares fell as much as 5 percent from session highs before closing the day down 1.7 per cent from the previous day at 7.76 euros.



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