Army Technology Can Help Save Students : Teachers In Shooting


Army Technology Can Help Save Students : Teachers In Shooting

Teachers will soon be able to use advanced Army technology to combat active shooters in school. They will be trained to guarantee survival of their students.
The heart wrenching school tragedy in Florida this week has raised many concerns over future of security in schools making people wonder ‘what if another school shooting occurs?’ Army technology has a defense solution to that. Fast and effective measures by teachers can potentially save many lives.

Known as EDGE (Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment), the Army technology was created on Epic Games’ Unreal engine which offers a virtual training facility. It has been modified to train school staff and first respondents to battle any shooter.

Through EDGE teachers can learn, practice and master their abilities to save lives and boost the survival rates of their students.

The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate and Army Research Laboratory designed this Army technology refining it utilizing information from past school shootings to make the simulations as exact as possible.

For the first time, any school and any first respondent team, anyplace the country over will be able to access and learn from top training and entirely for free. School staff can train on what to do when the risk emits.

In those crucial minutes before law implementation arrives on the scene, they can take in the best tactics to keep students, and themselves, safe from harm. Every moment counts and EDGE can demonstrate to teachers best ways to erect barricades and lock doors.

Teachers can also train together with law requirement on the best steps to take once they arrive...


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