Deceased Fan Leaves All Her Belongings To Sanjay Dutt

In his extensive career, Sanjay Dutt must have seen throngs of fans, however, little did he know that one of them will find a way to immortalise her fondness for the star.
In India movie stars are nothing short of demi gods. They are followed and worshiped like a deity. A recent case solidifies the fact that a fans love for the star knows no boundaries. According a report in Mumbai Mirror, Nidhi Tripathi, a 62-year-old woman left all her belongings to Sanjay Dutt after she succumb to a terminal disease.
Police called Dutt on January 29 to inform him regarding the issue the star was as dumbfounded as any other person.

Dutt, who was then shooting his upcoming movie “Saheb Biwi and Gangster 3” in Kolkata, expressed shock when he came to know about the lady’s “overwhelming” gesture.
A fan of superstar Sanjay Dutt left all her money and belongings in the actor’s name after she passed away on January 15, according to a report in Mumbai Mirror. The 62-year-old woman, named Nidhi Tripathi, was a Malabar Hill resident. She nominated Dutt as the inheritor of the money in her bank locker and account in her will.
Dutt, who was then shooting his upcoming movie Saheb Biwi and Gangster 3 in Kolkata, expressed shock when he came to know about Tripathi’s “overwhelming” gesture.

According to an Express India report, Dutt said that as celebrities they are accustomed to people expressing their love uniquely, however, this was shocking for him.
The actor has refused to claim anything, saying that he didn’t know Nishi.
Dutt’s advocate said that he has communicated with his client who will not claim anything and will resort to any legal procedure to transfer the valuables to the family.