Did Movies Inspire Indian Woman Who Posed As Man To Marry For Dowry


Did Movies Inspire Indian Woman Who Posed As Man To Marry For Dowry

An Indian lady disguised herself as a man and deceived two ladies into wedding her, while extracting dowry from one of them and tormenting her. Her genuine personality went to the fore when a domestic abuse case was brought against her. The police captured her on 14 February on charges of impersonation, fraud and forgery.

The lady Sweety Sen (25) trim her hair short and attired like a man. She charmed ladies via Facebook with her alluring profile under the name ‘Krishna’, as indicated by media reports. Sen uploaded photos and talked with numerous ladies on the social media website. Sen had the quantities of more than 200 ladies in her phones when he was reserved.

She first duped a lady into marriage in 2014. She used to act like a man, used to drink, smoke and furthermore mishandle, her first wife told to Hindustan Times. Sen at first got over $16,000 (Dh59,000) in share from her family. At that point, she married another lady in 2016.

Sen floundered in luxury and enjoyed a rich way of life. Costly refreshments, exorbitant furniture, family canines and smartphones were recuperated when the police swooped on her home.

Both the ladies she married hailed from Uttarakhand, while Sen was from Bijnore in Uttar Pradesh. She acted like a child of a specialist in Aligarh to marry the first wife. Sen leased a room in Tikoniya territory of Haldwani and kept the two his spouse there, police was cited as saying to Hindustan Times.

Curiously, when the second wife came to realize that her husband was not a man, Sen guaranteed that she would pay her cash to remain mum. Sen supposedly did not give the ladies a chance to take a gander at her body or touch her and utilized different approaches to keep up the illusion she was a man, police told the every day.

The main wife, who was manhandled and scared by Sen, lodged a case against her husband for thrashing her and for tormenting her for more dowry.

At the point when the police began investigation, they were shocked to find that Sen was organically a lady.

Police charged her with dowry harassment, yet since the marriages were invalid, they changed the charges to that of pantomime, forgery and fraud. The post for Sen’s family members who were available amid both the weddings is on.


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