Every Desi Girl Needs To Note Rani Mukherjee’s Comebacks To Awkward Questions

Every Desi Girl Needs To Note Rani Mukherjee's Comebacks To Awkward Questions
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Every Desi Girl Needs To Note Rani Mukherjee’s Comebacks To Awkward Questions

Bollywood News: Most South-East Asian girls have been cornered at social gatherings and asked rather personal questions regarding when they’re getting married or having a baby and it just doesn’t end there.

There have been numerous memes, blogs and videos over the years tackling how to deal when posed with awkward questions and a recent video featuring Bollywood actor Rani Mukherjee has summed it up best.

The video shows Rani hilariously take down people commenting on her looks, career choices and personal life. Her comebacks should be noted down by every desi girl to prepare for the next encounter.

The video begins with an aunty sharing tips with Rani for fairer skin as she’s “tanned quite a bit”. However, as the aunty shares a tip combining curd and lemon juice, Rani interrupts with, “Marinate it for a while and then fry it in oil.” She then tells the aunty that she’s “really hungry” and she should make it for her, leaving the aunty speechless.

South-East Asians’ love for baby boys is no secret but most of us don’t know how to answer back when told “you can always try for a boy”. But don’t worry, Rani had the perfect comeback. When advised she could try again, the actor questioned, “But what if he turns out like you?”

Continuing with her perfect comebacks, in the video Rani points out that only the husband shouldn’t be praised for ‘allowing’ his wife to work. “We’re very progressive like that. I also let him work,” she responds when a woman says that it’s great her husband lets her work after marriage.

As for the famous statement that if you don’t marry on time “all the good boys will get booked”, Rani had the best response. “It’s fine if you get married late but not if you get your periods late,” the actor tells the aunty in the video.

Further, to Rani’s horror when her co-worker suggests a man should be hired over a woman with the “same skills and experience” because “for girls, a career is like a hobby” and what if she came to the office wearing a “short skirt”, the actor schooled him. “You also come to the office every day with the small-mindedness, but you’re still here. What about that,” she shuts him down.

Finally, taking down the obsession with height, Rani when asked by the aunty that both her parents were so tall but she isn’t had a hilarious response. “Both your parents were so intelligent, but you…” she remarked.

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