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Family of Thakurganj Movie Review
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Family of Thakurganj Release Date: 19 July 2019 (India)
Run Time: 2 hour 07 Minutes
Director: Manoj K. Jha, Prince Singh
Starring: Jimmy Sheirgill | Mahie Gill | Nandish Singh | Pranati Rai Prakash | Saurabh Shukla | Sudhir Pandey | Supriya Pilgaonkar | Pavan Malhotra | Yashpal Sharma | Mukesh Tiwari | Raj Zutshi | Salil Acharya | Shivika Rishi| Lokesh Tilakdhari | Priya Mishra | Jai Hind and More Other.
Average Rating: 2/5
Score: 10% Positive
Reviews Counted: 3
Positive: 0
Neutral: 0
Negative: 3

Writer Dilip Shukla’s story is quite average, the bigger problem here is that the plot which is weakly woven. But again, it’s the performances that will keep you hooked and not the narrative. Sheirgill nails it as the power freak goon and Sharbati (Mahie Gill), as Jimmy’s dominating wife, is convincing. Saurabh Shukla, as a goon and Supriya who plays mom to the boys, pull off fine performances. With a decent concept at hand, had the director focused on keeping the story tight, it could have engaged the viewers. The film’s length is problematic, even the humour and the one-liners don’t help in keeping the film afloat.

  • Review By: Anupama Gaurang: Times Now (Ratings: 1.90/5)

While the editing is of the worst kind, the screenplay compliments it in being equally bad. And the direction by Manoj K Jha, who has assisted Tigmanshu Dhulia in several of his films, is outright shoddy. At no point, he seems to be at the helm of affairs. Family of Thakurganj fits into the category of so bad it’s good films. To be fair to the makers, the audience in my theatre were laughing almost throughout the runtime, the only problem is the scenes weren’t meant to be funny. The movie tries really hard to be an intelligent affair and to deliver a social message as well but it is all pointless as nothing feels organic or sensible. If only the movie hadn’t taken itself seriously, I swear Family of Thakurganj would’ve been a riot.

But this film feels like a tired retread on all counts. How you can pull of such a feat with so many good actors is an achievement in itself. In a better film, the combined efforts of Shukla, Shergill, Tiwari, Sharma and Pahwa could have yielded the desired results. Here, they all go waste, and this includes the barely-there acts of the two ladies.For an effective film, you need both plot and treatment. Family of Thakurganj has neither, and a solid ensemble cast is let down, once again, by inept handling.

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