Humaima Malick says was harassment at hotel in Lahore. Pakistani Actress Humaima Malick has shared an incident of harassment during her stay at the Nishat Hotel in Lahore.

Humaima Malick says was harassment at hotel in Lahore
Photo: Instagram

Humaima Malick says was harassment at hotel in Lahore

The Bol actress also posted screenshots on her Twitter & Instagram account and shared text messages , she received messages from a person who wanted to discuss a “business proposal” with her at room door.

“You cannot cry in your room otherwise people might drop business cards,” she said.

In the text messages shared by Humaima from an unknown sender. The man asks the actor if she received the business cards.

In another tweet, the actor wrote, “I am sharing my experience because I think it’s high time. When I should come forward and share my experience against harassment. How an educated class also chose to ignore it and take such important issues lightly.”

The actor in a note attached with her tweet continued. “I can’t emphasise this enough as the numbers or times actresses, models, singers or performers are subjected to harassment.”

“I can’t even keep count of times business cards of men that I do not know have been slipped under the door of my room at various well known and supposedly safe hotels,” she added.

“Just because a woman is from entertainment business does not mean that she wants business cards slipped under her door.”

Humaima also accused the hotel of breaching her privacy and sharing her information with strangers.