Induction of New Technology Stressed To Enhance Agriculture Out Put


Induction of New Technology Stressed To Enhance Agriculture Out Put

The speakers at an international conference have accentuated the need of presenting new trends and technologies for agriculture development in the country.

The first international conference on “Social Sciences and Information Communication Technologies 2018” has been sorted out by Sindh Agriculture University in collaboration with Higher Education Commission Pakistan at its Tando Jam Campus on Tuesday.

Sindh Health Minister Dr. Sikandar Mendhro who inaugurated the conference has expressed his concern over lack of research and higher learning methods for setting the agriculture on current lines in order to not only make the country self sufficient in agriculture produces but also motivate the growers to achieve maximum crop production with least usage of inputs at their agriculture fields.

The current research and current of current technologies in agriculture sector would not just help the agro based country to overcome the requests of local markets but also meet the requirements of global markets, the minister said.
He appreciated the efforts of organizers for organizing the conference on social sciences and information communication technologies including that the presentation of these subjects is the need of the hour to guide the growers about new trends in the agriculture sector so that they could be able to meet the global standards while exporting their agriculture produces.

The agriculture expert from Turkey Dr. Mustafa Khan while addressing the participants of the conference said being the agro based country, Pakistan possessed fertile lands and presentation of new agriculture technologies would help the growers to achieve maximum crop production and enhance the economy of the country as well as rise their living standard.

He said that both Pakistan and Turkey were enjoying brotherly relations and solid communication and exchange of research activities between the two countries in agriculture sector would bring positive change in the region.

The agriculture expert from Malaysia Dr. Muhammad Shafie said Pakistan has rich fertile agriculture fields, irrigation system with river and canals which are enough to bring a revolution in agriculture sector of the country. He, however said that positive results in agriculture sector could only be achieved by using modern methods and technologies of the relevant field.
He said the higher learning institutions of Malaysia have already been engaged in linkage programmes with Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro and sharing of research activities between the universities of the two countries would bring positive results in agriculture sector.

The agriculture expert from Indonesia Prof. Maulana Ali also presented his papers on human resources strategy in the system of food improvement and talked about the challenges in the specific field.
The Vice Chancellor Sindh Agriculture University Dr Mujeebuddin Memon Sehrai said there was a great deal to work in agriculture because entire economy of the country is depends on this sector.

He pointed out the missing links saying that majority of growers were uneducated and appear unable to foresee the effects of climate change, despite the fact it has become the reality. Under such condition, he said that the university graduates can bridge the gap of educating the growers about these emerging challenges for crop production, crop protection, agriculture engineering and maintaining soil nutrients.
He said that the objective of this conference was to bridge gap between farmers and agriculture graduates. “The growers are crying against the challenges being faced in fields and we are here delivering unit to help them through research”, he said.

He said presently graduates of expert institutes including medical sciences and engineering technology were facing problems in job market, but it is agriculture university cadre, who have more opportunities in job market and many of them are leading high profile companies and institutions.

The head of the Faculty of Agriculture Sciences of Sindh Agriculture University Dr. Aijaz Khonharo in his welcome briefed about the objectives of the conference. Among other, Prof Muhammad Ismail Kumbhar and Dr Tehmina of Social Sciences also talked on the occasion.

According to organizers, the conference has received 93 research papers and presentations from Pakistan and abroad on various subjects...



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