Instagram’s Chronological Feed Might Becoming Back, Finally

Instagram's Chronological Feed Might Becoming Back, Finally
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Instagram’s Chronological Feed Might Becoming Back, Finally

still hating the messy, disorganized Instagram algorithm?

We have good news.

Instagram’s chronological feed may be making a comeback, which means all of your social media prayers have finally been answered.

Ever since the algorithm changed, Instagram users have been complaining about the way they see the people they follow. If you use the app regularly, you already know that it can be really hard to stay updated on what your friends are doing because posts that are days old — but have a lot of likes — can take precedence over newer posts. It’s a mess, but it sounds like people’s complaints are being heard.

Instagram has heard user complaints regarding its algorithm-based feed and is making changes to display more photos and videos in a chronological order.

In a blog post released on Thursday, the photo sharing app announced that it will be “introducing changes to give you more control over your feed and ensure the posts you see are timely”.

The move comes after users complained about the news feed which switched to an algorithm-based formula. The app which was bought in 2012 by Facebook, remains the only social media app free of controversy after Facebook and Snapchat both saw their shares drop.

However, Instagram does not plan on returning the feed to a purely chronological manner. The new changes will appear in a number of forms.

According to Kevin Weil, VP of product at Instagram, the change is “focused on making the feed fresher”.

At the moment, Instagram is testing a ‘new post’ button which will let you choose when you want to refresh the feed. Tapping the button will let users see brand new posts at the top of the feed, and if not, you will stay where you are.

Instagram said it will be adding more improvements to its feed over the next few months.


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