Is PTI’s ‘Tabdeeli Aayi Re’ copy of Rajasthani bhajjan?


Is PTI’s ‘Tabdeeli Aayi Re’ copy of Rajasthani bhajjan? The PTI anthem ‘Rok Sako To Rok Lo’ (Stop Us If You Can Change Has Come), performed by Shahzaman, Jawad Kahlown and Governor Sindh Imran Ismail became a popular hit among the party supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Is PTI’s ‘Tabdeeli Aayi Re’ copy of Rajasthani bhajjan?

Is PTI’s ‘Tabdeeli Aayi Re’ copy of Rajasthani bhajjan?

The extent of its popularity can be gauged from the fact that it currently has over 27 million views on YouTube Performed by Shahzaman and Jawad Kahlown.

Rok Sako To Rok Lo New Pti Song imran ismail Shahzaman jawad kahlown

However, in a report filed by Arab News, its found that the party’s popular song is suspiciously similar to a remixed version of the Indian Rajasthani bhajjan, or religious song, “Bankya Maa Re Nache,” performed by Yuvraj Mewari, with music by the Mewari Brothers.

DJ MIX – Bankya Maa Re Nache | Yuvraj Mewari | Bankya Mata Song | FULL Audio | Rajasthani DJ Song

Mewari’s song was released on YouTube April 6, 2017, more than four months before Az Records released “Rok Sako To Rok Lo Tabdeeli Aayi Re” on the video-sharing site on August 28.

Jawad Kahloon has admitted similarities between the songs, and said: “We did hear this song,” he said. “Indeed, there is a resemblance but this specific kind of music resembles many songs. But it goes without saying that our composition is way catchier, stronger and popular.
When Arab News played both songs for a handful of people there was instant recognition of the similarities. The responses included: “undeniable,” “this is crazy,” and “OMG yes.” However, many of the listeners added that it is well known that the bHajjan music industry often borrows from other places, notably naats (Islamic poetry) and Pakistani music.
The song is an original, written and composed by Jawad Kahlon. The line ‘Rok Sako To Rok Lo’ was written by Imran Ismail.”


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