‘It’s every girl’s dream’ says Deepika amid wedding rumours

‘It’s every girl’s dream’ says Deepika amid wedding rumours

There have been incessant rumours about Bollywood Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s wedding. As per sources, their families have shortlisted four auspicious dates from August to December. Deepika Padukone spoke to a leading news channel about reports of the wedding.

“When it is time, I’ll know that it is the right time. I think as an institution, it is extremely important. That’s the way I have been brought up. It is extremely important for me to see myself like that. It is every girl’s dream. I have always followed my instinct and I know that I will feel it when I am ready and when it’s meant to happen,” she was quoted as saying by Pinkvilla.

While asked if the rampant speculation has her on edge, the ‘Piku’ star said that it doesn’t, as it happened way too many times in the past as per media reports.

Sources closer to the couple have let slip that the two will marry by the end of the year and it will be an extremely private function, adhering to religious traditions.


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