Jackie Chan on working for Bruce Lee: ‘Everybody thought he was a God’

Jackie Chan on working for Bruce Lee: 'Everybody thought he was a God’
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Jackie Chan on working for Bruce Lee: ‘Everybody thought he was a God’

Jackie Chan began his profession in film industry as a stand-in and finished several Bruce Lee’s film pictures – His first film picture “Fist of Fury” was launch in 1972 , in which he likewise had a little character as a Japanese martial arts student, and Join the Dragon (1973). Chan by and large thinks back about his respect for Lee, his skill at kung fu, and exactly how he was eager when Lee talked with him on set.

Jackie Chan on working for Bruce Lee

“He roused me extensively,” Chan expressed in a meeting in 1997. “I preferred him, and how he would talk. He can even convey in English. Everybody trusted he was a God.”

Lee earned the respect of the doubles as he dealt with them as equivalents. He would converse with them on set and eat alongside them. Now and then he would even make commitments towards their specialist bills on the off chance that they got injured. Such lead awed the youthful Chan.

“He dealt with us humble individuals consummately,” Chan informed me. “Multi day I got injured and he kept running up to me and asked, ‘Would you say you are fine?'”

“Back then, I was just a youthful person and he was a genuinely huge legend,” Chan stated, alluding to taking a shot at on his first film Fist of Fury. “He would talk with the doubles, notwithstanding, not me, as I was just a kid. In any case, rapidly, somehow I persuaded the chance to be in front of an audience with him.”

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“In the wake of seeing stand-ins twofold for Lee, I settled on the choice starting there on that I would have a go at everything myself and let individuals understand that it was me. You could tell when it’s a trick twofold. Accordingly I guarantee that crowds can even now observe my face,” Chan said.

Despite the fact that he rapidly came to worship him, Chan was first stressed over Lee, who was seen as an outsider, until the point when he saw The Big Boss (1971).

“We were prepared to detest the film. We really wished to,” he says in the life story Bruce Lee; A Life. “We wished to, however we proved unable. The film was everything the movies we were making weren’t.”

So, these are the points to describe on the Jackie Chan on working for Bruce Lee: ‘Everybody thought he was a God’.


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