Judgementall Hai Kya Movie Review


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Judgementall Hai Kya Movie Review
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Judgementall Hai Kya Release Date: 26 July 2019 (India)
Run Time: 1 hour 57 Minutes
Director: Prakash Kovelamudi
Starring: Kangana Ranaut | Rajkummar Rao | R. Bhakti Klein | Joanna Shegera | Steven Pereira and More Other.
Average Rating: 3.5/5
Score: 99% Positive
Reviews Counted: 3
Positive: 3
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0

This is the kind of movie which will sharply divide audiences. And that’s as it should be. Once I began seeing it as the murmurings of a different mind, I bought it as a caper, as burlesque, where nothing is as it is. I had problems with some of it, but I really liked the rest of it.

‘Judgementall Hai Kya’ keeps the element of suspense alive all the way till the end. The film pushes the envelope as a dark, psychological whodunit, with a social message weaved in that can’t be ignored. The film treads into a zone where Bollywood has rarely been, and just for that, it deserves applause.

Watch this film. As evidenced by a man Bobby sees carrying homilies on placards on a street corner, Judgementall Hai Kya knows the difference between accepting and determining something. It is a film about malicious misdirection, and the validity of our narratives — especially those labelled incorrect. It’s okay to jump at a cockroach even if you’re the only one who sees it. From the right angle, a bug is a feature.

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