London Rickshaws Buzz With Pakistan’s National Songs


London Rickshaws Buzz With Pakistan’s National Songs. LONDON: Londoners were treated with Pakistan’s national and energetic melodies played on the acclaimed bicycle rickshaws on the event of 71st Independence Day of Pakistan on August 14.

London Rickshaws Buzz With Pakistan's National Songs
Photo: Geo News

London Rickshaws Buzz With Pakistan’s National Songs

Many bicycle rickshaws got consideration of thousands of Londoners – and travelers – who saw Pakistan’s national anthem being boomed out on the sound arrangement of these rides taking tourists around.

These bicycle rickshaws are a mainstream fixture in London’s prevalent zones 1 and 2 where they incessant to give brisk ride to tourists who get a kick out of the chance to feel London all the more firmly through outdoors and characteristic visit around.

Millions of tourists from around the world travel to London each year and most of them can be spotted in zones 1 and 2 – the main centres of attraction.

Tourists and passersby were seen stopping to watch with delight these rickshaws carrying Pakistan flags and playing popular national songs at Oxford Street, Baker Street, Knightsbridge and other parts of Central London.

It’s understood that that Pakistan’s High Commission organised this show as part of Independence Day celebrations on August 14.

Pakistan’s new high commissioner to the UK Sahebzada Ahmed Khan affirmed gets ready for the commission of bicycle rickshaws.


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