LUMS professor hails educational element of The Donkey King


LUMS professor hails educational element of The Donkey King. Dr Mariam Chughtai, Associate Dean and Assistant Professor at the LUMS School of Education and the Director of Pakistan Programs for the Harvard University Lakshmi Mittal South Asia Institute, has hailed the educational aspect of animated film ‘The Donkey King’.

LUMS professor hails educational element of The Donkey King
The Donkey King. Photo: Geo News

LUMS professor hails educational element of The Donkey King

Stating that she watched the Geo Films production over the weekend, the professor said, “It is a perfect mix between fun and education.”

Dr Chughtai who has a PhD in Education from Harvard University, specializing in Education Policy and Leadership, dispelled the impression that the film targets a “specific political party.”

“I did not feel that way at all. This movie is not against anyone and is a very good commentary on Pakistan’s political scenario,” she emphasised.

“If someone wants to watch this film purely for entertainment then they will enjoy it but ‘The Donkey King’ forces you to think,” she added.

Further praising the film, Dr Chughtai said, “When we were children, there was no animated film which highlighted the importance of voting and democracy.”

Congratulating those behind the film for producing a work which aims to educate regarding the power of voting, Dr Chughtai said, “I hope that they continue to make such films.”

‘The Donkey King’ has smashed previous box office records by a Pakistani animated film. The blockbuster movie revolves around entertainment, politics, and entertainment.

The film’s brisk pace together with top-notch visuals and voice-over quality makes it a treat to watch for all ages. What makes The Donkey King unique is its relatable storyline and interesting characters. The tongue and cheek dialogues only add to the film’s overall entertainment value.

The film’s stellar cast includes renowned actors such as Afzal Khan (aka Jan Rambo) who was brilliant as the lead character Mangu. It was a treat to hear top actress Hina Dilpazeer’s voice playing Miss Fitna and the legendary Ghulam Mohiuddin as Badshah Khan.

Geo News
Geo News


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