Are Malaika Arora, Arbaaz Khan Getting Back Together?



Are Malaika Arora, Arbaaz Khan Getting Back Together?

Fans were heartbroken when their most loved celebrity couple, great looking Arbaaz Khan and sultry Malaika Arora, had their divorce finalised in May last year, ending 18 years of matrimonial harmony.

Unlike other harsh break-ups, the two enjoy a friendly relationship and are often spotted together on outings with their son.

Rumours often run amok, connecting the two with any potential partners, however, ambiguity shrouds the relationship of the couple.

Despite the divorce, Malaika refers to herself as ‘Malaika Arora Khan’ and recently her sister, Amrita Arora, introduced her as ‘Malaika Arora Khan’ during a show. Not only that, the social media accounts of the actress have the same name.

During the show, when asked if she was lucky in love or lucky in cards, the diva responded that she was lucky in love.

While about the last time she was single, Malaika responded that it was ‘currently’.

With respect to Arbaaz, he keeps up that the two have a good relationship. He said that the priority of them both is their son, including that he would do all that is required to ensure the circumstance is kept up.

All these hidden clues bewilder fans, who are eagerly awaiting the get-together of their most loved couple.

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