Mausikar Welfare Trust Organizes Musical Show


Mausikar Welfare Trust Organizes Musical Show

Mausikar Welfare Trust Organizes Musical Show

Mausikar Welfare Trust in collaboration with ‘Meraki’ a traditional food outlet organized a musical show on the occasion of first anniversary of Meraki here at Jinnah Super Market.

Prominent singers including Imran Rushdi, Sobia and Rahman Lodhi performed in the musical show and got big applause from the audience.

The musicians including Mouth Organ player Shams Hyder, key board player M Nazim, Rubab player Hameed Khan, Tabla player Daood Robin and Kongo player Yosuf Sindh also presented melodious instrumental songs and got appreciation from the audience.

The programme began with Talib Hussain Talib singing a national song in the Shina language, followed by a lively rendering by Iqbal Hussain Iqbal of ‘Wia wia,’ wondering if his beloved will return to him. Shahid Tamanna sang about how the whole world could see the beauty around them but he could not. This was rather a poignant rendering as we learnt that he himself was sight impaired. The last singers were Sajjad ur Rehman Sajjad, after which some of them came on for a repeat performance, while Abdul Majeed Barcha performed the sword dance.

The musical show was conducted by compare Masood Hashmi. Speaking on the occasion, Head of Meraki Naveed thanked the participants, adding that this collaboration with Mausikar Welfare Trust would encourage our artists.

He said that Meraki would also arrange more such events for the promotion of music and culture with Mausikar trust. He also appreciated the talent of the performers and reiterated Meraki support for the classical music of the country. A large number of people including officials of Mausikar, and diplomats attended the musical show.

Needless to say there was a lot of audience participation as people clapped and the young men in the audience couldn’t help themselves from getting up and dancing to the rhythmic beat. The programme ended on a high note as all performers came on stage and sang and danced for the finale. (Bazm) It was a pleasant evening of music and getting to know about the culture of GB – one of our best tourist attractions. To add to the atmosphere Dr Seema interspersed her announcements with anecdotes to make it more interesting and for better understanding of the music. But repeat performances could have been avoided as the programme became a little too long and those who had to go on to other events left the hall, missing out on the most enjoyable performance of all. The troupe showed their unsuppressed spirit and love for their culture by dancing and singing together on the stage in a joyful manner and got well deserved applause from those who were left in the audience.


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