New Born Babies gives an HIV infected blood
Photo: The Crunchy Nurse

New Child Got The HIV Virus Due to Transfusion of blood From a Blood Bank

In an incident of the alleging medical negligence, infant got the HIV. It is alleging that the child got the virus due to a transfusion of the blood from a blood bank.

According to the report which is publishing in India Today, after infant’s father, who is filing a petition before the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC), the commission is issuing a notice.

As per the petition, Infant’s birth is with a defect. The Surgery is performing on the 7th September 2016. Later, the father is informing that the child is in a critical condition due to a loss of blood. They are also reporting that the transfusion of blood needs urgently.

It is also reporting that the complaint which is alleging platelets from random donors who is procuring from a blood bank giving to the infant. The patient is diagnosing with an HIV infection on the year of 7th March 2017. Now, the family is demanding a compensation of Rs. 6 crores from the Aarohi Blood Bank and also from the Fernandez Hospital.

Responding to this issue, Fernandez Hospital officials say that they did not yet to receive the notice.

Then, these are the points in describing the New Child Got The HIV Virus Due to Transfusion of blood From a Blood Bank. This issue has carefully taken into consideration while donating blood as the babies are immature on their birth and also their life is depending on the mother’s health. Check thoroughly before giving the blood.