Nine-year-old Kashmiri boy invents counting pen

Nine-year-old Kashmiri boy invents counting pen
Muzaffar Ahmad Khan; Photo: ANI Twitter

Nine-year-old Kashmiri boy invents counting pen

A nine-year-old kid from Gurez valley in Indian occupied Kashmir has invented a ‘counting pen’ that keeps a word count while writing.
Those of you who suffer from the word limit during giving an examination here is a solution that a nine-year-old boy has come up with. Muzaffar Ahmad Khan, a student of class three hails from Gurez in Jammu and Kashmir, has invented a counting pen. The pen will help students to keep the track of work count of essays and long-form questions that will help them to gain marks. Muzaffar got the idea of the counting pen when he got low marks in exams as he could not manage the specific word count.

Muzaffar spoke about his invention and said, “It’s a pen with a casing attached at its rear end. A casing for electronics is made and printed on a 3D printer. Once someone writes, it shows the word count that can be displayed on a small LCD monitor attached to it or can also be displayed on one’s mobile phone through a message.”

“In my last exam, I got minimum marks as I wrote fewer words. It made me restless and from that very time, I started thinking of inventing something which can save my time and finally ‘counting pen’ struck my mind,” he added.

His father Ghulam Mohammed Khan shared his joy and said, “Muzaffar has made us all proud. All I want is that government should support for his better education and should also provide a bigger platform to the kids like him, who are interested to innovate and invent so that their talent will not go waste.”

The counting pen’s prototype has been kept on display at Festival of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, organized by National Innovation Foundation (NIF), an autonomous body under the Department of Science and Technology, at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi. At the festival, President Ram Nath Kovind appreciated the young boy for his invention and rewarded him for his innovation. The counting pen will be available in the market in May as NIF has decided to make it commercially available.

The Kashmiri boy studies in Tulail Valley, which is located in the Gurez Tehsil in Kashmir. He wishes to become a scientist one day and have interest in electronic since a very tender age.


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