Pakistani Film Load Wedding was hit across UK cinemas


Pakistani Film Load Wedding was hit across UK cinemas. This Eid-ul-Azha Pakistani Film Load Wedding was hit across UK cinemas. Film Load Wedding were neck and neck in rivalry in many films in the UK.

Pakistani Film Load Wedding was hit across UK cinemas

Pakistani Film Load Wedding was hit across UK cinemas

Considering this trend, top directors always try to release their films around Eid for maximum exposure, with three Pakistani films releasing this Eid.

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 and Load Wedding are neck and neck in competition in most cinemas in the UK, with Parwaz Hai Junoon is also screening in some cinemas. JPNA2 is hugely entertaining with great music and some Indian artists appearing in the film.

Load Wedding takes the cake being complete package with a strong message on dowry, sentimental ups and down, comedy and blockbuster songs.

The first day of the Eid in Britian is usually a low turnout for films however three cinemas across Greater Manchester featuring Load Wedding were packed with audience. Rochdale, Ashton and Trafford Centre cinemas saw a high demand for the film and they had good openings.

Film viewers loved the story and its characters especially “Raja”, played by Fahad Mustafa; Faiza Hasan was also praised for her role of “baby baji”. Mehwish Hayat as Meeru with her Punjabi touch and accent was phenomenal in her role.

The Na Maloom Afraad duo, Director Nabeel Qureshi and Producer Fizza Ali Meerza, had claimed before the film release that it will be different from their previous work because it’s a “different script, different genre altogether”—and they were right.

Most viewers said that Load Wedding is a must-watch for the Indian-Pakistani diaspora due to its sensitive and relevant context, a strong script, cinematography, songs, comedy, wardrobe and the overall solid performances by its lead and supporting cast. An overall judgement by the audience suggests that Load Wedding is a great hit among the desi community.


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