Ranveer Singh train is ready for departure: Switzerland: Hi, Everyone Today I am going to share some Amazing Realities on the Ranveer Singh train is ready for departure: Switzerland.

Ranveer Singh train is ready for departure: Switzerland

Ranveer Singh train is ready for departure: Switzerland
Ranveer Singh inaugurates train. Photo: File

A Swiss train company has temporarily named one of its trains after Bollywood star Ranveer Singh in a bid to attract more Indian tourists to western Switzerland.

Ranveer, who is an ambassador for Switzerland Tourism, was present at the ceremony in Zweisimmen on Monday.

Basking in the glory of success is famed superstar Ranveer Singh after delivering one hit after another, so much so that tales of his fame has reached Switzerland, which has decided to name an entire train service after him.

The news was shared by the Switzerland government that has announced to launch a train network entitled ‘Ranveer On Tour’ affiliated with the Padmaavat star which he is going to inaugurate himself.

Ranveer Singh, who is the brand ambassador of a campaign promoting tourism in Switzerland, has received immense appreciation from everyone in and out of the film industry, for the roles that he performs with utmost grace every time doing justice to his characters.

The actor is on vacations in the beautiful country while headlining the campaign and keeps his fans updated on every part of the country he visits.

Ranveer is not the first Indian celebrity to have a Swiss train named after him.

In 2011, the Jungfrau Railways named one of their trains after late film director and producer Yash Chopra – an honour shared only with the railway’s founder, Adolf Guyer.

Chopra is widely credited with putting Switzerland on the Indian tourist radar with many of his films featuring a Swiss backdrop.