Reham Khan’s autobiography gets a surprise release on Amazon

Reham Khan's autobiography gets a surprise release on Amazon
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Reham Khan’s autobiography gets a surprise release on Amazon

Television journalist, humanitarian and previous wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf leader Imran Khan has been making a remarkable tempest with her tell-all biography, has been released on the web and its electronic version is currently accessible for people on Amazon. com.

The 563-pages biography titled Reham Khan points of interest the headliners of her life and preceding its release made a tempest in Pakistan due to is reputed portrayal of ex-husband Imran Khan and different personalities.

As per the Amazon page of the book, “This story addresses touchy issues, both political and social, and the writer has needed to resist extreme bullying, provocation and life-threatening situations to convey it to you.”

The outline on Amazon additionally includes: “The miracle of Reham’s story is that, all through everything, this housewife-turned-journalist turned-social-extremist has figured out how to adjust her function with her essential part of being a mother. She shows to us the difficulties that a lady can beat when she needs more from life than convention expects of her. This is an story of survival with a grin.”


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