Romeo Akbar Walter Movie Review


Here We Update Romeo Akbar Walter Movie Review! Celebrities, Critics and fans what saying about Bollywood Movie Romeo Akbar Walter Director Robbie Grewal and starring John Abraham, Jackie Shroff, Mouni Roy and Oth.

Romeo Akbar Walter Movie Review: John Abraham Stars in a Dumb Movie Online Reviews Updates

Romeo Akbar Walter Movie Review
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Romeo Akbar Walter Release Date: 5 April 2019 (India)
Run Time: 2 hour 19 Minutes
Director: Robbie Grewal
Starring: John Abraham, Jackie Shroff, Mouni Roy, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi and Oth
Average Rating: 2.5/5
Score: 50% Positive
Reviews Counted: 5
Positive: 2
Neutral: 1
Negative: 2

Our spy movies, mostly set between India and Pakistan, feature agents and double-agents chatting at qawwali performances, presumably thinking the wails will drown them out. Romeo Akbar Walter follows spy clichés dutifully and drowns us in minutiae, but never feels immediate or exciting. It’s a slow film, and the spies at the qawwali are played by John Abraham and Mouni Roy.

  • Review By: Meena WebSite: Bollywood DNA (Ratings: 2.8/5)

In the current volatile scenario between India and Pakistan, Romeo Akbar Walter (titled after John’s characters’ names), had a lot of potential. By now all of us know how spies operate. The basics have been drilled into us by far superior movies like Meghna Gulzar’s Raazi (2018), which is still bringing Alia Bhatt accolades and awards. However, RAW, which is a pale cousin of Raazi, is at a disadvantage because of this very reason. It appears like a poor copy. John has said in media reports that the film entertains and not educates. Frankly, where does it entertain?

Apparently inspired by true events, Robby Grewal’s film could have been an interesting human/psychological drama that understands the psyche, emotional upheaval of unsung heroes (spies). But it takes the conventional route and merges patriotism and espionage thriller, overshadowing the human aspect of the story. Raazi rightly tapped into this territory without succumbing to jingoism. While RAW isn’t jingoistic either, it’s a well-intended but drab film that fails to hold your attention. What you get is a monotonous costume drama that lacks emotion and tension.

ROMEO AKBAR WALTER has a shocking start but then goes downhill. The film suffers from problems at many places. Audiences might not be able to comprehend what’s going on in the story. Quite a few sequences are difficult to digest especially how Pakistanis start to trust Romeo so easily. On the whole, ROMEO AKBAR WALTER fails to impress as it suffers from a flawed script as well as a weak and lengthy execution. At the box office, it will have an uphill task to register impressive numbers.

  • Review By: Gaurang WebSite: Times Now (Ratings: 3/5)

RAW would have been a great film if not for its extremely slow pace in the first half and a run time which is almost two and a half hour. But there is this quote I often use, Robert McKee from Adaptation says, “The last act makes a film. Wow them in the end, and you got a hit. You can have flaws, problems, but wow them in the end, and you’ve got a hit.” Romeo Akbar Walter falls in that category.

Overall, Romeo Akbar Walter is another interesting film from John Abraham. The movie has enough twists and turns to keep you intrigued and engaged. Go for it.

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