Russian Couple divorces Ends Ronaldo Messi Debate


Russian Couple divorces Ends Ronaldo Messi Debate. According to Moscow from Russian News An argument over who is a better footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, took an ugly turn when it resulted in a divorce between a couple in Russia.

Russian Couple divorces Ends Ronaldo Messi Debate

Russian Couple divorces Ends Ronaldo Messi Debate
Photo: AFP

Fakti, the couple named ‘Arsen’ and ‘Lyudmila’ started arguing after Messi’s Argentina defeated Nigeria in the group stage of the ongoing World Cup.

The husband was reportedly celebrating Argentina’s victory whereas his wife was adamant that Ronaldo was better than Messi. The argument escalated into a bitter quarrel, and the man finally packed up his things and left.

“Since the beginning of the World Cup, she mocked Messi and said he couldn’t even score a penalty against Iceland. I could not contain myself and told her what I thought about the vain Ronaldo, the Portuguese national team and all the clubs she likes,” Arsen was quoted as saying.

“Then I took my belongings and left her forever,” he added.

The football-loving couple first met in a bar while watching the 2002 World Cup.

Both Ronaldo and Messi’s World Cup hopes were crushed when their teams were eliminated from the 2018 FIFA World Cup in the round of 16 on the same day.

Argentina lost 4-3 to France and hours later, Portugal went down 2-1 to Uruguay.



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