Saba Qamar smokes in latest photo shoot to make a point
Photo: Instagram

Saba Qamar smokes in latest photo shoot to make a point

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar has tackled the stigma surrounding women smoking in the country.

Last night, Saba Qamar posted a picture of herself from a recent photo shoot on her Instagram.

In the black and white picture, the Baaghi actor is seen rocking quiffed hair and a casual tee tucked into striped culottes, while she holds up an 80’s radio, giving us real old school vibes.

Mahira faced criticism from some after a picture and video showed her smoking on two separate occasions in the past year.

However, many spoke out in support of the actress, who made her Bollywood debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Raees, questioning why nobody objects when men smoke and that it is her personal choice.

The picture that Saba has posted also lends support to Mahira. The Hindi Medium star captioned it,“Mard peeyein toh wah, hum peeyein toh haaaa? Tum khao toh chips, hum khaain toh aaloo (When men smoke, wow. When women smoke, oh no.

Wh en you eat, it’s chips but when we eat, it’s potatoes.) Smoking is injurious to all, not only to women.”

The point Saba is trying to put across here is that there is no difference between a man or woman smoking as it has the same affect on their health.

Unfortunately for women, society does not function like that. But here’s hoping that posts like Saba’s will help in making a change to narrow minds.