Sentenced To Jail In Human Trafficking Case, Singer Daler Mehndi Gets Bail

Punjabi pop singer Daler Mehndi, Image: File.
Punjabi pop singer Daler Mehndi, Image: File.

Sentenced To Jail In Human Trafficking Case, Singer Daler Mehndi Gets Bail

Daler Mehndi was sentenced to 2-years jail by a court soon after he was convicted in the illegal immigration case.

Punjabi pop singer Daler Mehndi was granted bail shortly after he was convicted on Friday in a 2003 human trafficking case.

A court in Patiala had sentenced the singer to two years in jail.

The 50-year-old singer was convicted earlier today and immediately taken into custody by the Punjab Police. “I have been granted bail. We will appeal in higher court,” Daler Mehndi told reporters outside court.

Daler and his brother, Shamsher Singh, had been accused of illegally sending people abroad disguised as members of his troupe by charging hefty “passage money.”

The Mehndi brothers allegedly took two troupes in 1998 and 1999 during which 10 people were taken to the US as group members and were “dropped off” illegally.

The Patiala Police had registered a case against the brothers on a complaint filed by Bakshish Singh. However, 35 more complaints of fraud were lodged against Daler and Shamsher.

Shamsher died in October 2017.

Patiala Police had even raided the offices of Daler at Connaught Place in New Delhi and seized documents, including the case file of those who had paid the alleged “passage money” to the brothers.

In 2006, Patiala Police filed two discharge petitions stating Daler was innocent, but the court had upheld that the singer be prosecuted as there was “sufficient evidence against him on the judicial file and scope for further investigation”.

The pop singer had a massive following in the late nineties and early 2000s for his pop songs such as Tunak Tunak Tun, Bolo Ta Ra Ra and Saade Naal Rahoge Toh.


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