Shahid Afridi Won Many Hearts On Either Side Of The Border With A Touching Gesture In Which He Promptly Told An Indian Fan To Hold The National Flag Properly While Posing For A Picture.

Shahid Afridi Wins Hearts After Correcting Indian Fan’s Flag-Holding

St Moritz (Switzerland):

Shahid Afridi has never shied far from communicating his views, be it his acclaim or his feedback; the previous Pakistani captain dependably wears his heart on his sleeves. A similar trait of his was indeed in plain view as he showed up in the inaugural edition of the St Moritz Ice Cricket tournament more than two days in Switzerland.

While Afridi couldn’t score huge, he figured out how to win the hearts of Indian fans with one signal. Following the match, Afridi cheerfully obliged demand of fans to posture for the photos.
As he moved toward the Indian fans for photos, he asked a group of Indian fans to hold the Indian flag appropriately and the video of the same has gone viral and the Indian Twitter users have loved Afridi’s signal.

The Indian Twitter uUsers Loved Afridi’s Gesture.



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