Teefa in Trouble’s romantic number ‘Chan Ve’ takes fans by storm


Teefa in Trouble’s romantic number ‘Chan Ve’ takes fans by storm: The latest video song of ‘Chan Ve’, the second track and a romantic one too from Ali Zafar and Maya Ali-starrer ‘Teefa in Hassle’, is out. Chan Ve which is a soulful romantic track featuring Ali Zafar and Maya Ali.

Teefa in Trouble’s romantic number ‘Chan Ve’ takes fans by storm

Teefa in Trouble's romantic number 'Chan Ve' takes fans by storm
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Starting with mellow guitar strums, the intro immediately calms you with its soft tones and Ali’s melodious voice. The visuals of the video are very fun-loving and romantic, featuring the Channo singer and the film’s female lead Maya Ali on the stunning landscapes of Poland.

The first stanza introduces fun beats, injecting more life into Chan Ve, transitioning into a softer chorus thereafter. The bridge then brings in violins, keeping in with the first, sweet-sounding part of the song.

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It also spotlights Aima Baig’s vocals with the visuals changing to scenes of the countryside. Ali and Maya are clad in a suit and ball gown respectively, waltzing in the middle of a lake.

he lyrics are playful and romantic, with Ali’s character essentially just confessing his love and admiration for Maya’s. With such lovey-dovey lines, warm melodies and jolly rhythms, Chan Ve definitely has the ability to become the love ballad of the year.

The only thing that comes as a surprise is the ending as it’s rather abrupt and makes the song seem somewhat unfinished. But all in all, Chan Ve is sure to bring back fond memeories of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone’s Matargashti from their 2015 hit Tamasha.

The cast of the movie includes Javed Sheikh, Aslam Mehmood, Nayyar Aijaz and Simi Raheal among others.

The movie will be released on July 20 across Pakistan and abroad.

Watch the full video Song Chan V Ali Zafar and Maya Ali here:


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