Urwa Hocane slams ‘Veere di Wedding’ star’s comments against Pakistan: Watch here Swara Bhaskar’s interview: Pakistani actor Urwa Hocane slammed Veere Di wedding star, Swara Bhaskar over her criticism of Pakistan during in a recent interview.

Urwa Hocane slams ‘Veere di Wedding’ star’s comments against Pakistan: Watch here Swara Bhaskar’s interview

Urwa Hocane slams 'Veere di Wedding' star’s comments against Pakistan
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Upset over the ban of her new movie ‘Veere di Wedding‘ in Pakistan, actor Swara Bhaskar said something really disturbing about the country that made Pakistani actor Urwa Hocane to school her.

During a recent interview, when asked about her movie being banned in Pakistan, the actor responded by calling the country being run by Sharia law, a ‘failed state’ and a non-secular’. The actor made the statement during a recent interview with CNN News18, film critic Rajeev Masand, and courted another controversy.

The actress said that she is not surprised with Pakistan’s decision because it is a non-secular state. She went on saying and called Pakistan a failed state. She further added that she doesn’t understand why people in India care about the silly things happening in Pakistan.

She further added that the Indian Film Industry needs to stop giving a damn about what we do with regards to Bollywood movies and talent from India.

Following this, Urwa Hocane became the voice of Pakistan and slammed the actress for her derogatory remarks. She reminded Bhaskar, the time when she visited Pakistan and referred to it as “Best country you have ever visited”.

This definitely didn’t go down well with our neighbours. After hearing this, Pakistani actress Urwa Hocane decided to school her. The actress slammed Swara in a number treats calling her ignorance and flip-flopping statements.

Urwa even signed the tweet saying ‘From a phenomenal Pakistan.’ She tweeted.

Well, it took Hocane a series of tweets to make Bhaskar realise that she has committed a big mistake by making such statements about her country.

In another tweet, Hocane took on Bhaskar saying, ” And all of this is odd coming from a citizen of a state that bans their own films i.e. #Padmavat so let’s not talk about women empowerment.”

Calling Bhaskar an ignorant person, Hocane said that Pakistan is not a failing state, but she has come across as a “Failing Human Being” !!!

Here is Swara Bhaskar’s interview-

Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhasker and Shikha Talsania starrer Veere Di Wedding was banned in Pakistan by the Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC)following the vulgar language and objectionable sexual dialogues in the film.