Walking May Increase The Women’s Chances Of Pregnancy


Walking May Increase The Women’s Chances Of Pregnancy: If you have a history of pregnancy loss, do not lose hope as a new study suggesting that walking keeps you healthy and fit, and pregnancy is the best time to experience the many benefits it can provide.

Walking May Increase The Women’s Chances Of Pregnancy

Walking May Increase The Women’s Chances Of Pregnancy

The study, publishing in the journal Human Reproduction, suggesting that women are reporting more than four hours a week of vigorous activity which has significantly higher pregnancy chances comparing to no strenuous exercise.

One of the main findings is there is no overall relationship between most types of physical activity and the likelihood of becoming pregnant for women.

Who has already had one or two pregnancy losses, except for walking, says co-author Lindsey M Russo from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in the US.

which was associating with the higher likelihood of becoming pregnant among women who are overweight or obese, Russo is adding.

For the study, researchers recruited 1,214 women between 18 to 40 years old with a history of one or two pregnancy losses.

Walking May Increase The Women’s Chances Of Pregnancy
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The researchers are finding that the association of walking with the ability to become pregnant known as fecundability varies significantly by body mass index.

Among the overweight or obese women, walking at least 10 minutes at a time was associating with improvement in fecundability, the researcher says.

Moderate activity, sitting and other activity categories were not associating with fecundability overall or in Body Mass Index-stratify analyses, they are adding.

The researchers are noting that these findings provide positive evidence for the benefits of physical activity in women attempting pregnancy, especially for walking among those with higher Body Mass Index.

So, these are the factors to describe on the Walking may increase the women’s chances of pregnancy.

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