How To Find Help For Planning Your Event


It doesn’t matter if you want to put together a small event or a large event; if you do not have the time to properly plan, it won’t go smoothly. It takes a lot of work and hassle to organize any event, and nobody understands that more than an event organizer. If you are without your own staff and have had to plan on your own, you may not know that some event planners can be a lifesaver while others just lack passion or organizational skills for the job. It takes a certain leadership and an ability to work under pressure and still be pleasant to make a terrific planner. You also need to find a planner that will listen to what you want instead of imposing his or her own vision to the event.

Search High and Low for Recommendations

You can search through friends and family if your event is a family affair, like a wedding, christening, a birthday bash or any rite of passage tradition in your family. If you attend a party or event that you enjoyed and thought was just the right part of fun and hassle free, then as the host, you can use the same planner. People like to give recommendations; it’s a simple way to help out. For work events, you can ask other people in your industry for planner recommendations. Check all your options: do a search online and look for reviews on planners in your area.

Check Out Their Portfolio

Once you have a company in mind, check their website. If they do not have a website, just skip them over. Any decent business will promote on the Internet. Their portfolio should include some pictures and a good collection of press releases. Exposure to the press for your event is important if the event is business-related or promotional. Particularly for weddings, getting an image of what they can do is important because that is what you will expect if they help host your wedding, since such events are so visual.

Read the Listings of Services Provided

Whatever service they fall short on, you will need to cover. For instance, if the event company does not have a supplier who can cater vegan food, you will have to help them out and find a caterer in the area. The same goes for decorations, venue set up and invitations.

Are They Connected?

You want an event planner in NYC who is well connected with reliable suppliers. That is how they are able to run their operation smoothly. They also should have a good listing of venues that are appropriate for your event. The best planners will have a lot of experience hosting similar events to your own and they will not be fazed if anything goes wrong along the way, because it often will. For fundraisers and charities, you want a planner who already has a listing of potential invites, and they get this listing through experience. To discover more about the event management company’s suppliers visit this website:

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