Top 5 Racing Games For The Android


The Android has easily become one of the most popular operating systems of today, taking off from the exclusivity that Apple once had. If in the past only Apple users could access different types of apps, but now, thanks to Android, even non-Apple users can have the best time of their lives. This of course includes the numerous racing games made available on Android.

For those that have an Android and are a fan of racing games, here are five awesome apps on the market right now that are for racing lovers:

Death Rally

One of the top racing games available on Android is, of course, Death Rally. This racing game provides users with a close-to-reality kind of interface that makes the game come true to life. This game is also packed with features that allow you to get rid of your racing enemies for good. If they are moving too close and are competing against you too tightly, then all you have to do is bomb them!

2XL MX Offroad

Racing games on Android are, of course, not only restricted to car rides. Even motorcycle racing is available as with the case of the 2XL MX Offroad game that allows players to create their own profile and increase their levels as they go along. Players can also choose among different tracks that can give their games more excitement and thrill. For additional information on what makes a game compelling, visit this website:


One of the first racing games ever created on Android is none other than Acceler8. This game works by encouraging players to buy better vehicles that guarantee faster speed and more high-end features. But if you do not want to purchase a car, of course, you can still play this racing game.

GT Racing Motor Academy

The GT Racing Motor Academy racing game on Android is a very fun and exciting game as it makes you think and feel like you’re just in the city, driving and having the best time of your life. However, since you will be competing with other racers, you need to up your game and make sure that your stunts are up to par for a higher score. To learn more about the offline real car experience in GT Racing 2 visit this website: 

Parking Frenzy

How can you ever drive a car if you do not first learn about the basics? This of course includes learning how to properly park your vehicle. The Parking Frenzy racing game is an exciting game that encourages you to park your car as quickly as possible. Take note though that the parking slots are no ordinary parking spaces because they are packed with challenges that will make parking very difficult.

There are still many other racing games you can find on Android but these five should be the first on your list of downloads. When you finally get the chance to play these games, chances are you will immediately get hooked to it because they are all fun and exciting and are perfect for people who like to be challenged at all times. Get detailed information about online or offline racing games on this dedicated website:

So what are you still waiting for? Make sure to download these top apps now without having to pay any single cent for your purchase.

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