Top Tips for Getting Sponsored Skateboarding


The choice is always yours on what you want to do with your skateboarding skills. You need to ask yourself whether you are doing this just for fun or you want to turn pro and go places. Every skateboarder I have come across dreams of getting sponsored and paid just to skate. If your intention is to get sponsorship, then here is how you can do that, but first let me wet your appetite by mentioning that this will give you a superb chance to get free gear and products for use, travel all over the world visiting some of the most exciting skating locations, and the icing on the cake? Getting paid just to do what you enjoy most. The tips to do so?

  1. It is not just about skating but you need to pack a lot of passion into what you do in order to succeed. This will include attributes like positive attitude and drive in what you do. You are not going to buy any of this in a shop. A sponsor will count this bigger than the talent you already have. Do not try too hard to do this – just have fun and enjoy what you do. This is what is likely to attract a sponsor. Sounds silly, don’t you think? But this works.
  2. You must develop great skill and originality that will make you stand out in a pack. When searching for team riders, scouts are always on the look out for a person who shines in style and originality. If no one does it like you, then it means you will have very little competition. Your personality should come out in what you do rather than trying to imitate what everybody else is doing.
  3. Always keep your attitude upbeat. There are situations where winners have not been chosen simply due to their attitude. When your crew looks negative, no one will want to risk sponsoring you at all.
  4. Look at yourself as a promotional product by displaying your skills. No one wants to buy a product before they know about it. What you do and how you do it will ultimately get you the sponsorship. It is all about getting yourself noticed first but attending demos, taking part in local contests and making many friends who can always get you the word when there is some action coming up.
  5. While searching for exposure, remember to make videos of you in action. You can post this on various social sites. Get the very best videos of yourself in order to make great impression. Blurred and shaky videos simply won’t wash. Use different spots and creative tricks in such footage. Don’t make things long but edit only what is perfect. Talk about yourself briefly and explain the benefits you can give.
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