Where to Take an Advanced Business Course


Wilfred Laurier School of Business teaches business minded students how to get started in a business career. They also accept students with business experience eager to take the next step. In most cases, these individuals are currently working. It is impractical to take time off of work to pursue full time studies.

Accelerated MBA

Professors at Laurier know this and have created programs to accommodate students who already have careers in accounting, hotel management, and other business areas. They have created the accelerated MBA program so individuals with experience and full-time jobs are able to pursue their goals without suffering financially. Moreover, these students must already be experienced in the business field. Before applying, they should possess BBA or BCom degrees from accredited Canadian business schools and have achieved excellent marks. To understand more about what is the simplest top accelerated MBA program to apply to visit this website: https://dailipay.net/

Accelerated, Not Speedy

An MBA can take as many as 3 years to finish, but not the accelerated program at Laurier. You will attend classes every second weekend for a little over two years. This leaves weekdays free and every second weekend as well. Men and women with families will still have time to go on weekend trips and watch movies together.

Academic Competition

There are many notable business schools in Canada. West coast schools include Beedie at SFU in BC and Haskayne in Calgary. Dalhousie’s Rowe Business School in Halifax and De Groote in Ottawa are two more contenders. Where does Laurier stand against these names?

According to the global business and academic community, Laurier is among the top schools. Although it costs dearly to go back to school, students quickly earn back the money they paid to further their training. As they hand over transcripts to prove they have achieved MBAs from this prestigious institution, their potential employers are already putting them on a short list.


One benefit of attending an accelerated MBA program at Laurier is that you can specialize as soon as you sign up. As with any advanced degree, students have a strong idea of the area they wish to work in and the experience to know where they are likely to find work using their expertise. Searching for jobs has shown where vacancies exist. Looking at the commercial field indicates where there is room for entrepreneurship.

Areas taught at Laurier include hotel and golf resort management, marketing, and supply chain management. The institution lists many other categories. Some Canadian institutions do not offer such varied opportunities.


Another advantage of studying at Laurier in the accelerated class is its central location in Toronto. Although not the country’s capital, this is Canada’s commercial heartland. Vancouver and Calgary are impressive. Ottawa and Halifax can compete, but Toronto reigns supreme. To take part in MBA classes, one can remain in Toronto or its suburbs and attend school without traveling excessively.

Higher Education in Canada

Many institutions are offering flexible courses for mature students in Canada. They realize students cannot afford to study unless they are also able to work. Online studies are now widely offered. Moreover, business professionals know what an advanced degree can mean for their career and financial prospects. You can also visit this website https://newstable.org/ to get detailed information about growing your business, marketing, and investment.

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