Marrakech And Its Mystical Journey


Marrakech is a feast for the senses, a melting pot of tastes, smells and sounds. With a wonderful combination of eastern exoticism and modern European facilities, is ideal for city break with a difference.

 Being thrown into a deep and zig-zag through a maze of narrow streets leading to the souk in the city, with its central square, there is Djemaa el Fna. This is the heart of the city, teeming with vendors of everything imaginable, from spices and incense, carpets, jewelry, antiques, ceramics and much more. Street performers, belly dancers, fortune tellers and mystics crowd of more activities, all together singing a continuous rhythm of drums and flutes, snake charmers. Me, Sipping mint tea, for business assets or on the roof to escape the hectic life of coffee, many wonder at the top.

 Break away from the bustle of the place and head to bed in one of the beautiful gardens of Marrakech. Jardin Majorelle, owned by fashion maestro Yves Saint Laurent, is an oasis of greenery with a beautiful lily pond and cactus, and allows for contemplation. The Agdal and Menara gardens are also worth a visit, located in picturesque orchids and olive trees.

 To study more about the history and culture of this extraordinary city, there are many places to visit. Explore the Koutoubia mosque dominant view of the Djemaa el Fna and the sumptuous decoration of Saadi, before visiting the Museum of Marrakech, with exhibits describing the cultural heritage of Morocco and the Dar Si Said museum, housing artifacts from ancient Morocco. The ornate El Bahia Palace is also worth a visit are the ruins of El Badi Palace, once unfastened, the floor to ceiling full of gold.

 When it comes to food, spice Marrakech is a paradise. If you’re not a big fan of cumin, cinnamon and turmeric, may die of hunger! Michelin star dining serves simple street vendors, the kitchen is a culinary adventure in itself. Being bedridden tajines meaty, spicy soup with couscous and Hariri, or have the courage to try tasty stew of beef or lamb neck.

City of Marrakech is a good base for those wishing to explore the south of Morocco. You can embark on a day trip to the varied terrain of the spectacular Atlas Mountains, visit the coastal town of Essaouira on the Atlantic coast, or head of Ouarzazate and further explore the jungles of red sands of the Sahara.

With warm weather scheduled throughout the year from Marrakech to the United Kingdom and other European destinations, planning your dream trip to this wonderful Moroccan is easy and affordable. Enfolded in a mysterious atmosphere, with stirring music, sounds and smells in the world of aerial dance, Marrakech is a feast for the senses and promises to jump like no other city.

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