Top Five Best Locations Of Travel In Fiji


Ok, Fiji is one of the largely beautiful and most visited in the world. Many of the Fiji vacation packages offer great value to pristine dive sites. These islands offer a wonderful variety of fun activities for all age groups, one of which is diving. Fiji is home to many excellent dive sites in an awakening some interest, diver, exotic plants, colorful tropical fish.

Some of the diving Fiji is a nonviolent, relaxing and ideal for learning underwater ecosystem. Other sites are more vivid and lively, with strong currents and more action. All sites experience a torrent of water, which serves to add clarity underwater scene. In fact, look below the surface in Fiji is one of the comprehensible places to find anywhere. Below you will find information about some of the best diving spots in Fiji.

1: Beqa Lagoon

Beqa Lagoon is one of the most famed diving in Fiji. Formerly called the “Mecca of the Pacific dive,” this place is best for divers who wish to begin their journey without flying to the outer islands. Fiji vacation packages available that include accommodation in Beqa dive resorts, so you can visit all the dive sites in the area without unnecessary travel. This dive location offers only slight current, making it an ideal place for beginners and those who appreciate an underwater experience more relaxing. Beqa Lagoon, you can observe reef fish, corals, sharks, and octopus. Many divers return to the area each year to enjoy the most beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

2: Kadavu

Even though the Kadavu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Fiji, it is in spite of everything, an excellent place for scuba diving. You will not find fast food or opulent resort on the island. Instead, dive resort on Kadavu design is more natural and true culture of Fiji. Here you will find the beautiful hard coral formations and a multitude of marine life. One of the interesting features of the Kadavu are great astrolabe reef. 4. the main obstacle to a barrier, the Great Astrolabe barrier is 100 km long and magnificent coral reef slopes, underwater mountains, and the opportunity to see manta rays in the cleaning station.

3: Viti Levu

The island of Viti Levu includes one of the dive sites in the most exciting Shark Reef Fiji. At Shark Reef, you will have the opportunity to participate in a shark feeding dive shop, where you can meet tiger sharks and bull sharks in a very similar environment. This experience is both an opportunity-ia-life you never forget. There are also coral reefs around Viti Levu, but they are not among the best that can be seen when diving in Fiji.

4: Bligh Water

Part of the sea barrier between the main islands Fiji known as Bligh Water. This part of the ocean features strong currents, which makes the water rich in nutrients. Accordingly, it houses an extraordinary ecosystem. However, this place better suited for experienced divers because of its current relatively difficult. Bligh Water is also an excellent dive site for underwater photographers in search of a more intimate setting.

5: Taveuni

A lot of visitors come to see TaveuniSomosomoStrait, which is division of the ocean that separates the island of Vanua Levu Taveuni. SomosomoStrait is one of the most well-liked dive sites for all of Fiji. It holds many vibrant soft coral pink, orange and brown, covering majestically out into the adjacent water.

In addition, the beautiful coral reefs are also a lot of different fish genus in this dive even barracuda, manta rays and reef sharks. A specific site in an appropriate manner the nickname “Zoo” is perhaps the best place to see these exotic animals. Finally, you can visit the nearby Great White Wall and Rainbow Reef, two of which were recently described in U.K. Diver ‘s Journal some of the best dive sites in the world.


Fiji being characterized by a number of dive sites for divers of all levels has excellent preferences. For basics places of excellence as the Beqa Lagoon for a peaceful environment is for learning. They have more experience in diving, dive sites, as Bligh Water is both a challenge and an unforgettable experience. Regardless of where you want to dive in Fiji has much to offer. Be calm and majestic coral reefs Manta Rays is something here for everyone.

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